Harvey-Wells R-9 Receiver manual, reprint.


This is a digitally copied and enhanced manual for the Harvey-Wells R-9 receiver.  It has been copied from an original and is clear, clean, and easy to read.  It is printed on premium 24# paper with heavy covers and bound with a plastic comb.  No more struggling with unreadable photocopies!

The R-9 manual is 8 1/2" X 11" with about 40 pages and two large one piece 11" X 19" foldout schematics.  Topics covered include:  description, installation, operation, service and test data alignment data, RF alignment chart, top and bottom chassis views, tube diagram with voltages, vibrator power supply VPS-R9, parts list, many illustrations, and schematic. 

Also included are addenda #1, #2, and #3:
  1. Addendum No. 1 includes information added the R-9 manual to cover the R-9A and includes a tube diagram with voltage measurements and a top and bottom chassis view.

  2. Addendum No. 2. covers the latest factory modifications to the R-9 and R-9A.

  3. Addendum No. 3 adds information to cover the RG-9A and includes a chassis layout diagram, RF alignment chart, partial parts list, and a schematic for the RG-9 and RG-9A.