Knight-Kit Probe manuals, reprint.

These are digitally copied and enhanced assembly manuals for Knight-Kit Probes.  They have been copied from originals and is clear, clean, and easy to read.  No construction marks!  They are printed on premium 24# paper with heavy covers and bound together with a plastic comb.  No more struggling with unreadable photocopies!

The Knight manuals are about 11" x 8 1/2".

1.  Low Capacity Probe - 83 Y 147:  introduction, assembly, adjustment, parts list, and schematic.

2.  High-Voltage Probe:  introduction, assembly, diagrams, diagrams, parts list, and schematic.

3.  RF Probe: assembly, using the RF Probe, diagrams,  parts list, and schematic.

Please note: this does not contain any large sheets that came with some of the kits.